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Delivering Complete, High Quality Systems and Service Since 1996


Many businesses large and small, improve their operations and find it easier to grow with the Chattanooga Software Center's high quality management software. Some substantially reduce costs for energy, communications, travel, human resources and other areas adding profit to their bottom line. Some successfully introduced entirely new services, establishing new revenue streams into their business. If you believe software service could benefit your operation, please call us for a frank and honest conversation about 'if' and 'if-so, how' you could benefit.



Pineapple Code software is truly a complete system; one piece of software, seamless, and designed with that thought in mind.
Some other software requires the use of other products, add-on modules and updates. Pineapple Code software includes all the features and functions you want, nicely fitting together into a single software system.

A complete system is better.


Pineapple Code has a one-of-a-kind Contact Management system that provides an at-a-glance overview of any Client, Vendor and Contact Record. Customize access rules for specific users to see certain records or types. Communications History, Financials, and Services are all in one place.


Pineapple Code software is assembled from an established library of high quality code which produced for demanding customers including: Citi Commerce Solutions, Coldwell Banker, First USA Bank, Pittsburg Paints PPG, and more.


Whether you need executive summary reports, or detail reports to see which efforts are working the best, the experienced experts at Pineapple Code are just a phone call away.


1-423-821-3463, to reach Alan or Susan.


Dear Alan, …Further, I wanted to acknowledge the level of cooperation and assistance that we received from SurfN during our transition with Elite Your personal involvement is much… - Dan Deitemeyer

Vice President,
Citi Commerce Solutions
August 2005

…We are past our first year anniversary of working with SurfN Development Corporation and can confidently state, based on our history with them, that they have provided good advice… - Brenda Anderson

Marketing Manager,
Coldwell Banker
June 2003

…Now that the programming has been completed and our systems are fully integrated, we are able to enjoy the benefits of our custom program. We have appreciated the staff's… - James F. Eldridge

Ledco, Inc.
Chattanooga, TN

In 2001 we got off the patchwork software with upgrades and data duplications and moved into the SurfN System so we can keep focusing on what we do best, HVAC Sales and Service… - David Cornell

Vice President,
Reliable Heating & Air
client since 2001

SurfN responds very quickly and very well, and the system is great… - David Lynn

Scenic City Heating & Air
client since 2003

SurfN integrated parts of our previous accounting software into the SurfN System, which is a better solution for us. Working with another Chattanooga company instead of a long distance tech… - Brendan Bastable

Vice President,
Sexton Construction
client since 2003

…In 2014 we started working with the Chattanooga Software Center to improve our efficiency and streamline our operation. The team at the Chattanooga Software Center have been… - Chad Hayter

The Hayter Group
Ontario, Canada

We combined all our billing and bookkeeping needs with SurfN in 2008. Having everything secured and accessible off-site is a great advantage and piece of mind. We have worked together… - Tommy Sisk

Vice President,
T. S. Raulston Inc.
client since 2007

People Make The Difference


With the Chattanooga Software Center, you are hiring a team of professionals to provide quality software service for your operation. This is better than software-in-a-box because:

  • You get to use the latest technology.
  • You get compatibility with your choices today and tomorrow.
  • You get seamless upgrades, no more 'versions' to deal with.
  • You can talk directly with developers to get exactly what you want.
  • You can import data from multiple boxed products into one seamless system.
  • Seamlessly handle your email, accounting, client & vendor contact records and much more.
  • True custom reporting
  • Custom access rules for users
  • Secure Remote Access

Whether you are looking to support your existing IT staff, or would like to discuss our becoming your IT 'staff' , we can provide you with clear information to make your decisions confidently.


The Chattanooga Software Center can provide a single point of contact for your private advice and guidance to help you take advantage of the resources available today. We can provide the know how and show how for your business to benefit.





Data Migration Is Our Specialty


We're very experienced in migrating data from older and newer systems into Pineapple Code's better business software. The on site setup and professional support you receive from our team will give you the opportunity to improve data structures and procedures at the time of migration.


We often import data from multiple boxed products into this seamless system, eliminating duplicate data entries.

You're Covered


  • HIPPA Compliant
  • NACHA Compliant
  • E-Discovery Compliant
  • Java Certified
  • HTTPS Encryption
  • FCC Consumer Privacy Act Compliant

    We offer great presentations on mainstream technology for your school or organization.


    • "SPAM" - its beginning, the battle today and hope for tomorrow
    • "800-Pound Gorillas" - how the big internet players like Google, Apple, IBM and Oracle have and will shape the internet's future, and what you can do to take advantage of the wave
    • "Three Generations of Computer Science" - there is rhyme and reason to the path of development, and businesses can prepare for long-term tech
    • And more....


    Call to schedule a presentation for your group today. 1-423-821-3463.

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