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Evaluation and Recommendation Services


Companies with 25 or 50 years history in business have unique challenges when bringing new technology into their well-established operations. The Chattanooga Software Center has the experience to help established companies like these bring technology into their operations successfully and deal with these challenges.


Leap to a higher level. 


To leap to a higher level of competitiveness, you need a flexible, adaptable framework that can scale to meet your technology requirements. Pineapple Code and SurfN Software systems provided by the Chattanooga Software Center delivers the combination of technical expertise and real-world experience necessary to build an effective technology solution. Through evaluation, recommendations, and implementation assistance, we can help you get results while reducing business and technical risk.


Managed Operation Services


Managed Operation Services (MOS) focus on supporting your needs and introducing effective technology. The In-house & Chattanooga Software MOS partnership is often the right choice for established companies that want the control of employed technical skills while obtaining a wide range of credentialed specialists and resources at a minimal cost.


Software as a service. Better than a box.


Managed Operations Services can provide strategic technology planning and deliver results with your critical business objectives. Maximize your application availability with remote operations management services that support heterogeneous environments, including the Solaris Operating System, legacy, HP-UX, Linux, and Windows, while benefiting from our technology professionals' technical expertise.


Reduce operational costs, increase efficiency.


This management approach provides you with a structured set of operations management functions that deliver continuous monitoring, maintenance and administration, while also receiving benefits from a very deep and experienced call-on-us resource contracted at a low monthly service charge.


We go the extra mile by continuously watching for good uses of technology that will benefit you, and testing the ideas before bringing them to the table. Together, your efficient in-house technology staff's experience and expertise will bring in the results at a low cost while maximizing your benefit opportunity.


Key Benefits and Features

  • Reduce operational costs and complexity
  • Maximize application availability with industry-leading remote monitoring and management services
  • Prevent problems before they impact your business
  • Focus on strategic IT initiatives
  • Maintain agility, choice, and control in contrast to typical outsourcing
  • Provided remotely on a selective basis or as part of a broad managed services relationship
  • Highly evolved, proven, and scalable systems management platform
  • Valuable extension of your IT staff not a replacement
  • Provide monitoring and management expertise all the way up

Make the Right Move


The processes, tools and technologies employed by solutions provided by Chattanooga Software Center have been refined based on experience managing high-traffic, transaction-intensive, event-driven application environments. Through the Chattanooga Software Center's intelligence management approach and proprietary know-how and show-how, our highly-skilled team identifies and resolves issues before they impact your business.


With deep technology expertise, broad service offerings and experience serving enterprises of all types and sizes, we can help companies reduce the time, cost and risk of improving their business with technology. We can help you with every phase of developing and deploying innovative services that give your company sustained business advantages-maximizing return on investment (ROI) while minimizing total cost of ownership (TCO).


You may want your system to be more dependable. You may want to drive implementation on time and on budget while taking full advantage of the built-in reliability, availability and serviceability features of your system. Through services based on proven methodologies, The Chattanooga Software team can help you quickly and effectively install hardware, build interfaces to other systems, consolidate server workloads, and migrate your applications and data to your new environment.

Pineapple Code
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