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Sarah Field - Business Software Engineer


Sarah is an accomplished business software engineer with a knack for user experience. On a daily basis she is answering client questions, installing a system or software gadget and taking manufacturing software to a new level.


Before she started coding, Sarah ran our marketing department, producing mailing lists and gathering prospect info for on-site visits. Using Adobe Photoshop she produced cards, fliers, letterhead and other handout materials, and also gave our website a fresh look. As an end user and graphics designer she gained understanding of software ease-of-use and attention to detail. Which she applies to every software project she undertakes.


Next she became a website developer, using her Adobe Photoshop skills she created beautiful, clean and professional user-friendly designes with fast loading internet ready graphics. With the rise of search engine driven business, Sarah became our resident expert on Search Engine Optimization (SEO), building graphics and content geared towards search engines.


On one of her first software projects she was able to use her experience with slim, fast-loading content to develop a File Management System built to accommodate slow internet connections in Papua New Guinea. Some of her other accomplishments include the production of multiple Content Ditribution Systems, Mobile Dispatch Systems and Sales Lead Prioritizatiion & Mapping Systems.


Sarah is currently taking Business Software for Manufacturing to a new level with highly automated inventory & cost tracking of complex manufactured items, production scheduling systems and forcasted inventory.


When she is not coding or talking to clients, Sarah enjoys ice skating (she is quite good), making trails, washing Suburbans and mowing the lawn (she loves to mow the lawn -- really).

Sarah Field,
Software Engineer

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