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Kyle Vradenburgh - Facility Improvements


Kyle takes care of the Chattanooga Software Center facility for us. There is plenty of work to do, as we are always improving facility security, durability and capabilities. This is when he is not busy in his first interest as a 'first responder' with the Chattanooga Fire Department where he works with other high quality individuals. With us, he might be installing a new mechanical or cable chase for additional workstations or refinishing & preserving the woodwork on our 'summer office' (the deck on the rear of our building). His quality of work and good character is a good fit with our team of tech professionals. He does not claim any tech skills. Yet, Kyle probably knows more, on any subject, than he lets on. Having a trusted member of our team for these things is better for us than bringing in 'outside help' from time to time. Through osmosis he may become a 'techie' sooner than he thinks.

Kyle Vradenburgh,
Facility Improvements

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