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Alan Field - Founder


Alan founded the internet software development firm, SurfN Development Corp. in 1996 (now a subsidiary of the Chattanooga Software Center). Some of its first accomplishments include the early development of online banking systems, Medicare and Medicaid billing systems and helping Atlanta's number two residential Realtor beat out number one.


Alan's knack for innovation and success was evident in 1989, when he founded the Chattanooga Restaurant Association. Alan, using emerging internet technology and business sense attracted a higher percentage of members than any other city restaurant association in the country. Between 1990 and 1996, CRA was successful in every effort to improve regulatory, legislative and workforce environments. This was accomplished while leading industry leaders to make improvements for the health, safety, pay and benefits for their employees. Some of these training practices and programs put in place were implemented state wide in following years.


Eventually the CRA launched a 'technology project' which became SurfN Development Corporation in 1996. Alan built SurfN on the UNIX operating system with the JAVA language and MySQL multi-user databases, proving his ability to understand emerging technology. In the '90s, UNIX was a break from the wildly popular Microsoft systems, though it was also adopted by AT&T and NASA.


In those days, MySQL's author and lead developer were just a phone call away for Alan, who saw its structural advantages for internet years before the first official use license was released. Future MySQL customers included Facebook, Wikipedia and Walmart.


Years before online banking was introduced, Alan used JAVA to make business management software. When major U.S. banks began moving toward internet banking in 2001, the SurfN team was actively involved in managing the National Automated Clearinghouse Association's, NACHA compliant files.


Early in SurfN's history, Citibank rolled out a national project with SurfN's cloud-based services. Alan also set up the first Visa Platinum credit card in 2001 for internet based application and approval for First USA Bank. By 2006 SurfN had developed more banking as well as medical billing systems for Medicare and Medicaid.


Alan calls his Pineapple Code - better business software "the race car that wins the race." Pineapple Code was authored by a SurfN team of 60 developers over five years and since 2006 is continuously improving under the leadership of the Field family.


Pineapple Code has been developed and deployed for more than 22 industries, and Chattanooga's 12 leading heating and air companies have adopted the system almost exclusively. This is the made-in-USA technology that helped Atlanta's number two realtor Coldwell Banker, Buckhead Brokers (now named Coldwell Banker Atlanta) beat out their competitor.


In 2011 the company was rebranded to Chattanooga Software Center to better represent their broad offerings in custom development, established software solutions and consulting. The Chattanooga Software Center provides a local office for business owners to come for private conversations and comparisons. People can come to CSC and there they will find SurfN Development which develops advanced software for the internet, as well as Pineapple Code for established businesses, both of which have an excellent reputation among business leaders and technology professionals alike.

Alan Field,

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