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Pauline Field - Software Engineering

BS IS cum laude


The quiet conductor of SurfN is Pauline Field, Alan's wife and SurfN's controller and lead software engineer.


Besides Pauline's capacity for administration and client service, she has a nose for cutting-edge technology. She worked with voice-to-text software way back in 1990 and is constantly updating SurfN clients' software systems with newer and newer technology.


She researches the ever-changing technology online, which keeps her ahead of formal education in the industry and keeps SurfN's products fresh and competitive.


Pauline and Alan spend real time and energy with every client to choose and then cultivate a deep understanding of SurfN's internet-related tools for accounting and business management.


As a homeschooling mother, Pauline introduced her own five children to software systems from age 10. She assigned real projects that involved them with SurfN's day-to-day operations, and today three are part of the SurfN staff.


Pauline's early bookkeeping experience, as well as leading SurfN's small business systems make her the go to person for tough challenges. Her attention to detail and depth is well known. Clients love her understanding of their industry where she often provides insight and guidance to help streamline operations. This is easy to understand if you know she held a full-time job in bookkeeping throughout her college days. She graduated cum laude with a degree in computer science in 1990.


Pauline has worked in computer-related positions at University of Tennessee at Chattanooga and Tennessee Valley Authority. As a programmer for Habitat International manufacturing firm, she economized their computer systems and updated the automation and reporting systems, too.


She went on to Integrated Voice Solutions, an innovator in voice-to-text software and scheduling systems for doctors. Later she updated Provident Life & Accident Insurance's (now UNUM) mainframe computer system before joining Alan at Chattanooga Restaurant Association in 1994.


Together, the Field's computerized CRA's accounting and management systems. While they were leading the CRA, they launched a foodservice industry specific communications and information system which became SurfN in 1996. Since then, Pauline and Alan have combined what each knows best for all-around expertise.


Pauline first led the SurfN team of developers as a programmer using the C language. She also developed internet software herself and worked face-to-face with clients to manage their accounting, business and marketing systems software, which SurfN had written from the ground up.

Pauline Field,
Software Engineer

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