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Susan Field - Software Developer


Susan is an experienced business software developer and process expert. On a daily basis she will talk with business owners, managers and bookkeepers about anything from selecting the proper GL Account to installing an Inventory System.


Susan's first job was in accounts payable where she kept track of purchases, bills and bank reconciliation. She then moved into data importing, writing programs to map fields into new data structures. It was here she developed her love for MySQL and database.


Over the next several years she became our HVAC Service Representative specializing in HVAC systems including mobile technician units, dispatching, flat rate, inventory and accounting systems. One of her many accomplishments include developing an advanced Contract Management system with batch emailing and mailing, automated service call scheduling and on the go printing. With the rise of internet based phone systems, Susan spearheaded the development of telecomunications intigration. Adding SMS and Auto-Calling to our notification & reminder systems.


Today Susan is both our Project Manager, overseeing active projects at the Chattanooga Software Center, and our Systems Adminitrator, overseeing the data center and Unix systems.


When off-duty, Susan enjoys genealogy research, gardening, hiking and spending time with freinds.

Susan Field,
Software Developer

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