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Software Terms GlossaryW

WAN. wide area network.


walkthrough. See: code walkthrough.


watchdog timer. (IEEE) A form of interval timer that is used to detect a possible malfunction.


waterfall model. (IEEE) A model of the software development process in which the constituent activities, typically a concept phase, requirements phase, design phase, implementation phase, test phase, installation and checkout phase, and operation and maintenance, are performed in that order, possibly with overlap but with little or no iteration. Contrast with incremental development; rapid prototyping; spiral model.


white-box testing. See: testing, structural.


wide area network. A communications network that covers wide geographic areas such as states and countries. Contrast with LAN, MAN.


word. See: computer word.


workaround. A sequence of actions the user should take to avoid a problem or system limitation until the computer program is changed. They may include manual procedures used in conjunction with the computer system.


workstation. Any terminal or personal computer.


worm. An independent program which can travel from computer to computer across network connections replicating itself in each computer. They do not change other programs, but compromise a computer system through their impact on system performance. See: bomb, trojan horse, virus.



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