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Executive Profiles

The SurfN Team is highly degreed and globally recognized.
We are always ready to discuss new systems and explore ideas which can lower your businesses costs and increase efficiency.
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Alan Field - President

Alan founded the internet software development firm, SurfN Development Corp. in 1996. Some of its first accomplishments include the early development of online banking systems, Medicare and Medicaid billing systems and helping Atlanta's number two residential Realtor beat out number one. Alan's knack for innovation and success first showed itself in 1989, when he founded the Chattanooga Restaurant Association . . . Read more


Pauline Field - Software Engineering
BS Computer Science cum laude

. . . as well as leading SurfN's small business systems make her the go to person for tough challenges. Her attention to detail and depth is well known. Clients love her understanding of their industry where she often provides insight and guidance to help streamline operations. This is easy to understand if you know she held a full-time job in bookkeeping throughout her college days. She graduated cum laude with a degree in computer science in 1990 . . . Read More


Bryan Field - Systems Administrator
Sun Microsystems Java Certified, Global Recognition

Systems administrator Bryan Field loves to serve real-world clients in real-world tasks, making their jobs easier and more fun. His gift, they say, is to see the big picture. He knows what they want before they explain it, though he has plenty of time to listen. Bryan automated SurfN's own systems, eliminating time-consuming repetition and giving him and the SurfN team more time for client orientation,

often in person . . . Read more


Susan Field  -  Business Software Developer

Susan is an experienced Software Developer and Webmaster. She is the HVAC Service Representative specializing in HVAC systems including mobile technician units, dispatching, flat rate, inventory and accounting systems. On a daily basis she will talk with business owners, managers and bookkeepers about anything from selecting the proper GL Account to installing an Inventory System. One of her many accomplishments include developing an advanced Contract Management system with batch emailing and mailing, automated service call scheduling and on the go printing.


Sarah Field  -  Business Software Developer

Sarah is an accomplished webmaster and a business software developer. When building websites, content geared towards Search Engine Optimization (SEO), fast loading graphics and a user-friendly design is part of what she looks to achieve. On one of her first software projects she was able to use her experience with slim, fast-loading images to develop a File Management System built to accommodate slow internet connections in Papua New Guinea. Sarah wears multiple hats as she also works in graphics design & advertising, performs secretarial duties and manages ordering, shipping & receiving.


Elisabeth Field  -  Website Developer, Client Service

Elisabeth is a webmaster, with skills in JavaScript, CSS and HTML. She also specializes in hardware and network management. Including flash restores, network connections, OS settings and configuration. As our team's "device specialist" Elisabeth has mastered a wide range of firmware languages and systems from security related to personal devices. This is more recently being referred to as "the internet of things". Elisabeth is also the receptionist.




Mary Field - Bookkeeping Department

As assistant bookkeeper, Mary handles bill payment, posting deposits, payroll, recording transactions and secretarial duties. Along with her experience in bookkeeping she has basic experience in HTML, CSS, and Javascript, with plans to become a software developer.


Kyle Vradenburgh - Facility Maintenance

Kyle takes care of the Chattanooga Software Center facility for us. There is plenty of work to do, as we are always improving facility security, durability and capabilities. This is when he is not busy in his first interest as a 'first responder' with the Chattanooga Fire Department where he works with other high quality individuals. With us, he might be installing a new mechanical or cable chase for additional workstations or refinishing & preserving the woodwork on our 'summer office'  (the deck on the rear of our building). His quality of work and good character is a good fit with our team of tech professionals. He does not claim any tech skills. Yet, Kyle probably knows more, on any subject, than he lets on. Having a trusted member of our  team for these things is better for us than bringing in 'outside help' from time to time. Through osmosis he may become a 'techie' sooner than he thinks.


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